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Segregating products and services as ‘essentials’ and ‘non-essentials’ betrays a fundamental lack of understanding of the concept of ‘essentiality’. What makes this proposition worse is when policy directives follow as a result. Put the blame squarely on ‘myopic thinking’ for such pronouncements. Those making decisions to qualify certain products/services as essential and certain others as not, fail to ask a fundamental question. For who? Haircut as a service has been deemed as inessential. Ask the barbers what they think about giving haircuts. If they can’t give haircuts ( deemed an inessential ), they can’t go to a store to buy groceries (deemed an essential). Period. Giving haircuts is essential to barbers. Never mind what policy makers say. The implications of bad policy may now be detrimental to barbers, but I can tell you, in the long run, it is ruinous to everyone in the business of creating value and trading it. Take note.

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