Unsocilialised Zombies

IIT students seem to shun hanging out to being on the world wide web. This should not seem surprising considering that this is a globalized phenomenon. In China, latest reports suggest up to 2 million children between the ages 15-20 being addicted to the internet. These kids' parents are trying everything possible, including some unheard of methods to get them to break this addiction. In fact Chinese netizens surf online for an average of 137.8 minutes per day.The Indian internet usage report shows that Internet users in India reached 37 million in the month of September 2006. During the same period the number of active users rose to 25 million, according to recently released survey reports from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI-IMRB).

Future estimates -

Sept 2006: 37m ever users and 25m active users
March 2007: 42m ever users and 28m active users
March 2008: 54m ever users and 43m active users

That's truly big!


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