Is TimesJobs really No. 1?

The war of the Online Job Portals is hotting up. TimesJobs claims to be the No. 1 portal with 30.73 lakh active resumes ( less than 6 months old), which is 3.45 lakh more than it's nearest competitor, which is

Now is this really true?

Check out Sanjeev Bikchandani, CEO of's response -

'1. As per Alexa and Comscore, Naukri remains by far the leading job site in India. On Alexa the three month reach of Naukri at 855 today is thrice that of TimesJobs which is at 257. According to Comscore, Naukri got more than 2.3 million unique users in February as compared to slightly more than 1.3 million of Timesjobs.
2. In fact, as per Alexa, TimesJobs has slipped to fourth place behind Clickjobs.
3. The statistic that TimesJobs is referring to is “Active” resumes in the last six months, not total resumes. Here TimesJobs has a different definition of “Active” as compared to Naukri. In TimesJobs, if you open a job alert email and click on a job in the email to go to the site you are treated as an active user. In Naukri, you are an active user only if you update your CV or apply for a job or are a new registrant. We do not count clicking on a job in a job alert as being Active”.'

Everyone I've spoken too seems to think Timesjobs' figures are inflated. Yet, the bigger story is the 'brilliant copy' in the print ads that TimesJobs has unleashed. Headlines such as, 'Everyone's quitting Naukri' and 'Don't waste your time in a dead end Naukri' have started the buzz. Now that's the larger objective behind the campaign.

Have the ads worked? Sure it has, check out the responses.....Every one's talking.


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