Best place to work for MBAs

Google has now been ranked No. 1 for the first time as the best place to work at. It has has emerged as the undisputed number one employer this year, outdoing its previous record of no. 129 in 2005 to no. 2 in 2006.

The Universum IDEAL Employer(TM) Survey says Google is now the most popular place to work for MBA students, ending McKinsey & Company's 12-year reign. Not just for management, Google also appears in the top 10 rankings across industry surveys including investment banking and healthcare.

The Universum IDEAL(TM) Employer Survey- MBA Edition 2007 was conducted by Universum the global employer branding leader that helps companies through research and consulting. Agencies quote the findings of the Survey. Given below are some of them:

5,451 MBA students participated in the MBA Edition the Survey, making it the largest survey of its kind.

Students ranked their choice of ideal employers and answered questions about their career expectations, including their choice of office locations, salary expectations, best internships and communications preferences.

However, despite Google being the overall IDEAL(TM) employer, McKinsey still remains number one employer among men MBAs.
Goldman Sachs – at number 3 on the list – managed to retain its position while Bain & Co. (4), BCG (5), Apple (6), Microsoft (7), GE (8), Nike (9) and Bank of America (10) were the other big names.
Goldman Sachs also remained number 1 among students choosing a career in investment banking. It was followed by Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan IB and Merrill Lynch. Bank of America replaced Citigroup as the number 1 IDEAL employer among MBA students interested in commercial banking.

IT companies went up overall. Google maintained its number 1 position. Apple (6) moved up from seventh position in 2006, while Microsoft (7) jumped from the 16th position.
Procter & Gamble, Google, PepsiCo, Nike and BCG make the top 5 for students interested in consumer goods. Starbucks pushed 8 positions from 15th to 7th.

GE is still the number 1 among students who selected engineering/manufacturing followed by Toyota, Apple, J&J and BCG. Intel, number 2 in 2006, fell 15 positions while companies like Honeywell and Boeing pushed up in the top 10.


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