CFA ban unfortunate

The ban on CFA institute in India is indeed unfortunate. The need for financial professionals in India is on the rise. The CFA course is one that is accepted and rated very highly around the world and so its ban in India is unfortunate.

Thousands of students enrolled with the American CFA Institute have been hit hard by a regulator's (AICTE) decision to ban the course in India, reports CNBC-TV18. The reason was that technical education regulator AICTE, has asked the institute to cease its operations in India. This move has left the future of more than 10,000 CFA candidates uncertain.

The CFA Institute had told the AICTE that their CFA programme does not come under the perview of the regulator. But AICTE found this response unacceptable. The ban comes in the wake of a bitter fight between ICFAI, the Indian CFA course and the American Institute. The Indian arm dragged the American institute to AICTE accusing it of being illegal.

The American institute that has 6,800 students enrolled, has informed students that they can defer the exam or cancel it and take full refund. The institute has also given an option to take their exam in some other country. Sources in the institute say the American institute is planning to challenge the AICTE’s order in the Delhi High Court.


Shweta said…
The Delhi High Court has dismissed the writ petition of CFA Institute. However, the detailed order is not yet available yet. Basically the situation is that the CFAI has lost this particular case. The detailed order should be available soon.


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