'Country of origin effects' on Consumers

'Country of origin effects' is defined as the effect that the country of origin of the product has on the buyer's quality perceptions of the product.

Over a period of time ' Made in India' brought about perceptions of 'poor quality'. Now that could be changing. ET reports that 'the manufacturing saga is seeing new turns in the consumer electronics space. Global biggies like LG, Haier, Electrolux and Whirlpool are finalising plans to sell ‘Made in India’ labels in mature markets like Europe and the US. At present, sourcing from India is largely limited to SAARC, the Middle East and African nations.

MNCs have already done their groundwork to develop India as one their prime global production hub, either by expanding capacity or through third-party arrangements . The export product basket is also being expanded in segments which have a developed domestic vendor base'.

The interesting point to note is how Indian consumers react to 'Made in India ' labels.


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