How to take the boredom out of your city!

An article by Niranjan Roy in the Business Standard talks about three ingenious set of people who have let their 'wacky imagination' run riot in their city. And the effect has been startling!

The three things they did that you can do with your city -

1. Free the Little People: In a recent street-art experiment, one artist posted giant and unpleasantly realistic cut-outs of himself all over Nehru Place in Delhi, briefly startling the normally blasé citizens of the capital. A more sophisticated, and permanent, version of this is Slinkachu’s Little People Project.

Slinkachu sculpts tiny, near-perfect human figures and leaves them around London and Manchester where people might serendipitously stumble on them. If you squint at his two tiny golfers in the rough, it looks as though one’s trying to cheat by moving his ball to a better lie. His little people have been found under ATM machines, or popping up on drain covers. They have gone urban camping, or stalked electrical plugs with rat-like tails

The Little People Project:

2. Wrap it up: Christo and his wife and collaborator, Jeanne-Claude, wrapped their first public building in 1961 (Stacked Oil Barrels, Dockside Packages at Cologne Harbor, if you really want to know) and haven’t stopped trying to gift wrap the world since then.

By 1969, they had wrapped the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago — some architecture buffs have argued that the Chicago museum is so ugly that it should have stayed under wraps — and an entire coast at Little Bay, Australia. In the ’80s, they surrounded islands near Florida in pink fabric and wrapped the Pont Neuf in Paris.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s website:

3. Send in the Cows: On an otherwise normal day in 1999, the residents of Chicago discovered that their streets had been over-run by painted, fibreglass cows. They had Swiss artistic director Walter Knapp to thank for this; in 1998, Knapp decided for some reason that getting artists of a particular city together to paint cows would be a great fund-raising idea.


Brilliant !


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