Interruption / Permission Marketing

Marketeers have no business interrupting consumers with a marketing communique at times when they least tolerate such interruptions. Instead Marketeers must master the art of seeking and getting permission from the consumer to start a relationship that may lead to an ultimate sale somewhere down the road.

Welcome to the world of 'Permission Marketing' as made famous by Seth Godin.

In spite of being aware of the dangers of interruption marketing, Marketeers keep going down the road of interruption, hoping the consumer will relent and engage in a purchase.

One of the letters to the Editor in the Outlook Magazine reads thus ,

Humble Plea
The moment I get Outlook, I tear off the extended cover page. I know you need Ad revenues, Mr. Mehta. You can give the advertiser the extended privilege in some other way, but please make sure it does not irritate the subscriber.
A.Balu, Chennai.

Wonder how many Mr. Balus are out there? Are marketeers listening ?


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