McCall that Burger !

McDonald's is adding the 'delivery' dimension to its 'burger business' in India. After customising the Burger menu to Indian palette conditions McDonalds is now adding home delivery service to cater to consumers who want the Burger at their doorstep.

McDonald's new mantra for growing its business - 'If you can't come to us, we will come to you'

While pizza chains thrive on delivery, the same isn’t true of other fast food chains. But lately, McDonald’s has attempted to up the ante in its delivery operations. After all, with changing consumption patterns and fast moving lifestyles, delivery services that offer convenience at the doorstep are now a necessity.

Although McDelivery has been around for the last three years, it is only recently that it woke up to the potential of delivery operations. The fast food burger king recently announced a single access number for McDelivery, 66-000-666, and the initial response has been pretty good, reports Business Standard.

Thus far, McDonald’s has around 111 restaurants in India, on which it has invested about Rs 1,100 crore. It plans to spend over Rs 400 crore in the next three years — Rs 100 crore in the east alone.


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