Carbon Quotient of Indian Metros

A TOI-TNS poll revealed that while awareness about climate change indeed seemed to be high, most people were still unaware that flying is a massive eco-crime. On an all-India basis, as many as 63% said train travel was more polluting than air travel while only 31% said otherwise. This, when a train on average creates barely one-third the CO2 emissions of a plane. Delhiites got this crucial question massively wrong, with 82% choosing air travel as the lesser evil. Hopefully, learning otherwise might persuade some Delhiites to ease the eternal logjam at Delhi airport.

But Delhiites fared better on other questions — a result of environmentally conscious schoolchildren educating their parents? Over 80% of Delhiites knew a five-minute shower consumed more water than a bath with a bucket, while 40 to 45% in Bangalore and Kolkata opted for the more wasteful shower.

All in all, urban India didn’t fare too badly in terms of CQ. But a lot more dissemination of awareness is needed.


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