Logo Nightmare

Talk about facing a PR nightmare. The logo for 2012 Olympics is mired in deep controversy. Designers Wolf Olins referred all inquiries to the London 2012 press office, where staff said they had nothing to say about the logo. Meanwhile, animated footage promoting the logo was removed from the organisers' website amid concern it could trigger epileptic fits.
The video clip shows a diver plunging into a pool.

The Telegraph reports that, 'Whatever logo Coe had unveiled at the Roundhouse Theatre in Camden on Monday would have sparked intense public debate.

By choosing such a radical look for the identity of the London Games, the organisers have been guilty of deliberately provoking people to create effect. Few potential sponsors can have failed to notice the attention Lloyds TSB, London's first corporate partner, got from their adverts exploiting the logo in national newspapers.'

Pic : Reuters


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