Descent into hell - Zimbabwe

Is the tipping point imminent in Zimbabwe?

The latest inhuman police action on mothers with babies shows the 'madness that is Robert Mugabe' ( watch a video clip titled, 'Victims of Mugabe's regime on Times online)

Zimbabwe’s descent into chaos gathered pace yesterday as many shops ran out of food and thousands of workers were left stranded when bus drivers were arrested for allegedly overcharging.

State-imposed price controls that force retailers to sell goods for a fraction of their value have left supermarket shelves bereft of groceries. The crisis deepened when the Government closed all private abattoirs in an attempt to take control of the supply of meat. By yesterday meat products had vanished from sale around the country after the Government cancelled the licences of the private slaughterhouses because they had stopped delivering meat they had been ordered to sell at half price.

Source : Times Online


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