The irrelevance of Non Alignment

'In some ways, we already have begun to do that.And I know that there are some who still talk about non-alignment in foreign policy. But maybe that made sense during the Cold War when the world really was divided into rival camps. Now the question that I would ask is, as fellow democracies with so many interests and principles in common at a time when people of every culture, every race, and every religion are embracing political and economic liberty, what is the meaning of non-alignment?

It has lost its meaning. One is aligned not with the interests and power of one bloc or another, but with the values of a common humanity. How can we not afford to join each other, on a global scale, to support opportunity and prosperity and justice and dignity and health and education and freedom and democracy? Oh, there will be differences; differences of policy, differences of tactics, from time to time, differences of strategy.'

- Remarks at the U.S.-India Business Council 32nd Anniversary 'Global India' Summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC, June 27, 2007

The Non Alignment Movement has lost its meaning according to US foreign secretary , Condeleezza Rice.

I agree. Now that may not make me popular. But that's exactly why I support 'alignment'. The easy way out is always to take the 'neutral' path. Play it safe. Maintain status quo. I beleive that is a curse lots of societies live with. Never experiment. Never challenge what has been set. Sure, the going may be easy but it would surely spell a death knell to mankind's inherent ability to innovate.

Societies and institutions within them, whether business or otherwise must align. Again, it's a risky proposition fraught with a lot of errors. Yet, that road must be taken for betterment.

It's time India aligns.


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