Live Earth Concert

Will the live earth concert make a difference? Are people really concerned about saving the planet?

Does it matter in places where the larger citizenry is struggling to survive and has no time to care for such issues?

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Senthil said…
Watching Live Earth Concert was treat! I was amazed with the message they tried to put across. The live earth short films which was aired in between the show was amazing and let the viewer feel the hazards of global warming.

I am sure it left an impact on me. In fact I wrote a blog ( on what I intend to do on my part to help save earth.

Someone has to initiate. Someone has to make a start. Just that Live Earth Concert chose to be that someone.
Ray Titus said…
Dear Senthil,

The message behind Live Earth is certainly laudable. But the point is, most initiatives of such kind are successful only in places where a certain level of prosperity allows people the freedom to care.

Therefore, before you get people to buy into the idea of not using plastic, create cheaper alternatives to plastic, and you will see people automatically shun plastic. Else, if a shift from plastic entails greater cost to the consumer, who by the way, is at a low income level, my guess is, he would never make the shift.

Again, Live Earth is definitely a laudable campiagn, a tad misplaced perhaps.

Also do check up on one of the champions of live earth, Al Gore's 'green parctices' at-

P.S. - Read you blog posts...interesting :-)

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