Me, my possessions and I

A game played on an English FM channel in Bangalore had participants SMS'ing in their mobile phone brand name & model no., after which the radio host would try and describe the owner's personality based on the mobile phone the participant owns.

Though the game was to be taken lightly; do possessions say something about their owners?

They sure do.

In fact possessions are considered extensions of the self. Its been proposed that possessions can extend the self in a number of ways, namely,

1. actually, by allowing the person to do things that otherwise would be very difficult or impossible to achieve.
2. symbolically, by making the person feel better or 'bigger'.
3. by conferring status or rank
4. by bestowing feelings of immortality by leaving valued possessions to younger family members.
5. by endowing with magical powers ( possession of good luck charm passed on by some one the person trusts).

Do consumers try and alter their selves through the use of products and services? Again, yes they do. This act of alteration may be due to the consumer being unsatisfied about the way he/she is. Or maybe even to get accepted better amongst his/her peer group members or even larger society. Clothing. grooming aids, cosmetics and other accessories offer consumers the opportunity to modify their appearances and thereby to alter their 'selves'. In using self-altering products consumers are frequently attempting to express their individualism or uniqueness by creating a new self, maintaining the existing self (or preventing the loss of self), and extending the self (modifying or changing the self).

So I guess from now on, you can give your visits to the 'shrink' the go by, instead send her your wardrobe and your make up kit. :)

Ref : Consumer Behaviour; Schiffman & Kanuk


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