Taj wins...does it matter?

Taj Mahal being selected to be a part of the 7 wonders has been received well in India with celebrations. But what are the real payoffs? None, except the fact that the media frenzy generated by this event has put Taj Mahal and it's incredible beauty under the spot lights for everyone around the world to see. The voting has also helped a few other of the 7 wonders, some of whom are not very well known, garner publicity.
But then, will publicity generated drive tourist traffic to Agra? I doubt it.

For any tourism destination be coveted after, strong complementers must be in place. A term coined by Andy Grove, former CEO at Intel Corp., it is a term used to describe businesses that sell a product (or products) or service (or services) that complement the product or service of another company by adding value to them.

For tourists to flock in droves, to the Taj, transportation & hospitality infrastructure has to be vastly improved. Only then would it propel greater tourist arrivals to India and to the Taj.

So, hold those champagnes.....maybe another time.


Yes, it does matter.
According to buyer behaviour, the product or the nation which is always in the focus or in the advertisement, that remains in the back of the mind of the customers, here in this case the World Tourists and Travellers.
Hence, Brand India will have value addition due to this voting and recognition.
After all, recognition does matter according to buyer behaviour.
E.g. If the company like Infosys did not have recognition from the world then it wouldnot have grown its customer base.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude.
Deepali Chandra said…
Yes it DOES matter in the name of India, Indian, India’s unity…..
These kinds of monuments, media publicity pulse, cut throat voting give us a reason to unite for the greater purpose forgetting local difference of cast, creed, education, position etc etc amongst us. This has revitalized the collapsing breathes of all the Indians and revived the theme of unity among diversity…
“Complementers” thanks for the introducing new term with meaning and relevant example for my knowledge domain. Prof we have been learning and reading till now that India is a developing economy not the developed one. Definitely Agra and India has all the potential to nurture and cater the tourists. India’s transportation service, air travel (domestic as well as international), entry of multinationals, move towards stable government, bullish move in stock market, better literacy rate, telecommunication; all are improving year by year and these are supportive forces to enhance the hospitality industry and attract the tourists and above all TAJ “One of the Seven Wonders of the world” to entice the hearts from different part of world who want to experience and sense the beauty of TAJ.
Long back I read in my school book that we Indians are like train bogies without engine. We need some kind of driving force to move ahead. Other words when need is there potential effort will be done to fulfill it; demand and supply works pretty well. And yes, when I voted for TAJ faces of less privileged people were there in my mind, who put small stalls of handicrafts and artwork which is source for their daily bread and butter than begging on traffic signals.
Therefore IT DOES MATTER for me as an Indian....
Ray Titus said…
The act of voting turning into a 'unifier' seems far fetched, though I feel for the sentiment in your views. But then that's the reason why I disagree...its a 'sentiment'.

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