How & why is it that telemarketers pick the most inconvenient of times to call a prospect and ensure that they are not listened to ?

This, in spite of comprehensive database support systems worth millions of dollars.

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Deepali Chandra said…
We are always too busy and never too free to give 1min time for telemarketing calls. Who likes to listen to calls by unknown about credit card and personal loan (most commonly) unless and until we need those products or services… At lest not me and the people around me…. And when we really need those we can always avail services in present world of better communication…!!
So, given a chance it will never be convenient time…….
Ray Titus said…
Sure..there may not be a 'convenient' time ever...but the telemarketer's 'opening' must always be 'permission' oriented, which it almost never is.

That's when no further conversation is entertained by the potential customer.

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