'We will work for peanuts!' - a coverpage you may never see

The July 1 issue of Week Magazine had its cover page screaming,

'We won't work for peanuts!
The Week-Ma Foi Salary Survey 2007 tells you who pays the best.'

2 points -
One, I still haven't met anyone who will work for peanuts. No survey is required to figure that out.
Two, the cover page copy fails with the first line (the peanuts one), but makes it up with the second, when it talks about companies that pay the best. Now that's something most working people would want to know. Me included.

Incidentally, the cover page for the July 7 issue? 'Online Communities - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' ( My verdict - 'pretty ok').

I wonder how people would react if a cover page screamed. 'We will work for peanuts!' :-)


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