Elected Thugs

The attack on Taslima Nasreen is a shameful act. Its even more shocking as the perpetrators of the act were elected people's representatives.

Watch the video on this story here.


Anonymous said…
There are people who call Taslima Nasreen as a C graded writer and that undue media space is given to her. No matter what her level of writing, she is a human being for god sake and the attacks on her in Hyderabad were just barbaric! A clear indication on what respect women have in the country. True I might be generalising here. But when can we stop hearing the large number of rapes occurring in India? When can women feel near perfect safety? Justice delayed is surely justice denied. When it comes to saying this, people just blame it all on the system. It is about time to make stringent laws, so that people can't dare to attack anyone. Today I heard the news of how MLAs in Delhi started a brawl, the mayor walked out, BSP and Congress MLAs played hooligans. Utter disgrace to Indian politics and the Judicial system!
Ray Titus said…
I agree...Any society that does not treat women with dignity is indeed barbaric.

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