Funny is good; but not if you are a lady :)

Mike Huckabee, the Arkansas republican giving his shot at the American presidency came in second in a straw poll reportedly due to his funny crack that went down well with the republicans.

NY Times reports : “I can’t buy you — I don’t have the money,” Mike Huckabee, the Arkansas Republican seeking the presidency, told Republicans at the Iowa Straw Poll this weekend. He offered a mock frown. “I can’t even rent you,” he said. The crowd, which had been rustling, burst into warm laughter at a pointed joke intended to remind them of Mr. Huckabee’s earnest underdog campaign. Five hours later, the voters rewarded him with 2,587 votes and a second-place finish in the poll — surprising, it would seem.
Men, it seems score well with humour. But then what about women who store an arsenal of wisecracks? They frighten men away :). Research published some time ago in a leading academic journal confirms what many female comics - and funny women - have long suspected: men are frightened by their brand of humour. While men might chuckle at the odd gag, when it comes to finding a long-term companion they do not want a partner who will fire a stream of witty repartee at them, according to the study carried out by academics at some of the world's top universities.

The study found that, when forced to choose between humour production and humour appreciation in potential partners, women valued humour production, whereas men valued receptivity to their own humour.

Funny :)

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