Brand's Core benefits for consumers

What is the core benefit that a brand delivers to consumers?

The core benefits that brands can deliver are either functional or emotional in nature. For Mass consumer brands, the benefit is functional. Can marketers club emotional benefits too with functional ones and deliver this added value to mass consumer segments? Sure, they can, but if the added emotional benefit comes at a greater cost to the consumer, and if the consumers were unwilling to pay for this added benefit, it would be smarter for the marketer to drop this added emotional benefit and concentrate on providing greater functional value at no added cost to the consumer.

When it comes to Niche brands, value perceptions are solely driven by emotional benefits. The functional benefits are a taken, they are by default assumed. Differentiating the niche brand in a way it is perceived as unique may be crucial to its success. The subsequent increased costs would not too much of a problem for the target consumer segment.

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