The future of Twenty-20

Everyone's talking 20-20. Is T20 here to stay?

Purists scoff at the rising popularity of this format of the game. That's 'cos the purists make exactly same mistake that marketers sometimes make. In marketing lingo, the mistake is termed 'Marketing Myopia'. The inability to look beyond the present and see opportunities of the future. The simple reason why marketers fall into this trap is their obsession with their own products and services, refusing to look beyond, at what consumers may really want. They forget that its never about their products or services but about consumers' needs and wants and the solution to those needs and wants.

The same is the case with the purists. Their refusal to look at what cricket viewers want is why they scoff at T20. To the millions of viewers in India, T20 offers greater excitement and lesser boredom. Imagine spending close to a whole day watching a game. But, that is not to say that Test or One-day cricket will ever fade away. They too will have their own viewer segments. But the future clearly is shining for T20, thanks to the viewer, who's least bothered about finer nuances of the game and is only looking for a better dose of excitement.

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Hello Sir,

I too agree to the fact tht the euphoria and fun provided by T-20 is non-comparable to One day's and Test cricket and these formats will co-exist in the long run, with a clear runner in the long run might be T-20. T-20 is comparable to Hockey-70 mins, Football-90 mins because of the excitement and the continuos rush of adrenaline it provides.

But today i came across a article that Hockey players in Karnataka decided to go on hunger strike because of the step motherly treatment given to Hockey, our national game and other sports. The team won the Asia Cup but the state CM didn't even bothered to congratulated the players.

I just want to state that we should give equal respect to other game and players. The government should set examples for the people to follow.

Hope the game will get the status it deserves.
Hi Sir,
There is no doubt that T20 is here to stay. Given the kind of fun and excitement it offers. Now, it'll be able to compete with games like Hockey and Soccer, and it may lead to its popularity in non-cricket playing nations as well.

I just want to add to the previous comment that why 'Hockey-Our National Game' is not given the treatement it deserves. I guess the fault is of us- 'we the people'. Anyways goevernment is out of the society only. How many of us actually have gone out of our way to receive the Asia Champion Hockey team, as we did it for the cricket team.

I guess the main culprit here is the media and they have reasons to do so. Hockey or Soccer game format is not suited to their (sponsors & promoters) needs. In cricket they can give at least 2 ads after every Over, whereas in Hockey or Soccer, its only feasible after 35 or 45 minutes. People love Cricket, promoters have chances to advertise, popularity is growing.

Hockey format should also be altered to make it more exciting. One good attempt is PHL, where they have 4 quarters in a game and ESPN and Adidas have tried to add more glamour as well.

As of now, kudos to planners and executers of T20 World cup. I would say..Marketing has won...once again.

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