Gum sans the 'stick'

Times online : A non-stick chewing gum has been invented that may solve the multimillion-pound problem of removing unsightly deposits from pavements.

Researchers developed the gum by manufacturing a water and oil-loving copolymer that they added to the ingredients. This changed the gum’s properties so that a layer of water or oil formed around its edges, making it harder to attach itself to surfaces. The gum, given the working name Rev7 by its creators at the University of Bristol, is expected to go on sale early next year.

Pavement blight -

3p - Average cost of a piece of gum
10p - Average cost to remove each gum blob from a pavement
100C - Temperature of water used for high-pressure jet in removal
300,000 - Number of blobs of gum removed from Oxford Street in recent clean-up
£100,000 - Price of removing gum in Westminster annually

Source: Westminster City Council


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