Internet Branding

The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding (Al & Laura Ries) :

1. The Law of Either/Or - The Internet can be a business or a medium, but not both.

2. The Law of Interactivity - Without it, your Website and your brand will go nowhere.

3. The Law of the Common Name - The kiss of death for an Internet brand is a common name.

4. The Law of The Proper Name - Your name stands alone on the Internet, so you'd better have a good one.

5. The Law of Singularity - You should avoid at all costs being second in your category.

6. The Law of Advertising - Advertising off the Net will be a lot bigger than advertising on the Net.

7. The Law of Globalism - The Internet will demolish all barriers, all boundaries, all borders.

8. The Law of Time - Just do it. You have to be fast. You have to be first. You have to be focused.

9. The Law of Vanity - The biggest mistake of all is believing you can do everything.

10. The Law of Divergence - Everyone talks about convergence, while just the opposite is happening.

11. The Law of Transformation - The Internet revolution will transform all aspects of our lives.


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