Media Language

Media today plays an important role in influencing languages we use. The imagery and sounds beamed in, tend to leave imprints on our conversational conventions. Slang words creep into the confines of our private expressions.

Rajrishi Singhal, writing in the ET, says, 'Two iconic lines have now even become part of our argot: “We’re like this only” and “It’s different”! These two popular phrases have now come to define much more than what they were originally intended to achieve. They have become emblematic of Indian ethos, culture, work habits, state of governance and the economic architecture...

But, at the same time, the two phrases that we began this piece with have also evolved into a handy excuse to explain away all our infirmities, incapabilities, inefficiencies and failings. Whenever we slip up or fall short on promises, we shrug away our deficiencies by saying “We’re like this only” or some such...'


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