Tax the 'Migrants'

From Outlook : The proposed exit tax on students of IITs and IIMs who migrate abroad after their education has its share of supporters and critics-with their sets of reasons.

The Pluses
  • It will deter and stem the brain drain
  • Since the state heavily subsidises higher education, it has a right to impose the tax
  • It will generate finances that could be put in a corpus for deserving students
  • Only those who leave the country for good will be penalised
The Minuses
  • It will impact only poorer students
  • Migration will continue as higher education in India is in a mess. Those who can afford it will pay and exit
  • It singles out students from IITs, IIMs
  • A better option would be to evolve a rational, market-oriented fee structure. Subsidise students, not institutions


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