The future of Air Travel

According to Robert Buckman, Director of airline distribution strategy for Amadeus, the 'Future of Air Travel' will see 'a big wave in automation, and travel technology overall, will focus less on "the process" and more on "the people." Moving forward, it would become more about how technology can enhance and improve the travel experience from booking to baggage.

Technology will deliver airline customers an engaging, more "humanized" interaction. This could mean personalized travel itineraries pushed into a traveller's cell phone or digital "identities" to speed security clearance or personal GPSs to ease navigation of airports and destinations. It would be ironic that technology will ultimately deliver a more "human" experience in travel. But it will also be critical, if airlines hope to continue to successfully meet the needs of future.

Travellers will see innovations in seating, comfort and amenities, especially in the business and first-class cabins. Many airlines wil also offer more in-flight services and entertainment, including access to the Internet. Increasingly, airlines will also experiment with “a la carte” offerings — giving passengers a choice of fare groups and then letting them add or deduct additional services such as premium seat selection, bonus mileage, access to airline lounges and the like. These continued innovations will represent an important opportunity for travelers to get what they want while enabling airlines to differentiate themselves and build brand loyalty.'


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