Innovation Addiction

Brushing my teeth is a mechanical activity performed twice a day without too much of fuss, except when the phone rings. Then the 'nightmare' begins.

Oral B has come up with a toothbrush that's been designed supposedly to ensure that all my teeth are well cleaned. But this 'innovatively designed' toothbrush that's curved all over, even the bristles have not been spared, sadly does not have a flat base. So every time the phone rings, I can't rest the toothbrush on the side of my sink in a way where it remains steady and does not smear the sink with toothpaste. So much for an innovatively designed toothbrush.

'Innovation' being the buzzword, most companies are so addicted to wanting to innovate, they change a simple toothbrush into something I can't even recognise. All in the name of helping me 'brush better'. Innovations must carry value in the sense they have to make consumer's lives better and easier. If not, it just ends up getting a bathroom sink smeared with toothpaste.


Sandy said…
When I purchase a toothbrush, I just buy one.I dont go to lengths to see what extra value the brush has got, cmon its a damn brush for Christ's sake!! Well the only value add I might look at is if it offers something free..nothing more.
So personally I think advertising or positioning a brush based on its innovative mechanics is a no brainer!
HP invents IBM thinks with its thinkpads and thinkstations.. ya need 2 consistently innovate to stay in the race..
Ya may argue tat technology needs to keep gettyn updated, but here I divert to sumthin trivial like hairstylists n saloons- it doesn;t really matter a damn 2 neone if ya hair were curved inwards/outwards, soft/hard permed, relaxed/ softened/ straightened, colored blonde/blue/flamered; yet, there are hives of peple who get into gettyn ya hair look n feel betta.. Ya need all these zillion innovations and upgradations ryte from 3d Maya animations to Malaika's silicon b#$&$-they keep the hype alive. oRAL-B needs to hyperventilate too- ya sink prob needs to get tat makeover too, from tat borin mauve to those moovin streaks of smeared red/white... [:)]
Ray, I cud be optimistic at times, albeit a 'SINK'in one.. [:)] (LUCKY MADEOVER bathroom SINK)
Ray Titus said…

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