It's the truth...think about it

'When a car company charges for roadside assistance, aren't they really just helping themselves?'

'Think about it.'

'Shouldn't a car have more airbags than cupholders?'

'Think about it.'

My bet, your response is, YES, you did think about it! More than that nod of agreement, these questions have provoked you to think and consider the truth in those statements. Its led you to give more than a thought to the lies most marketers tell us consumers to get us to buy their products. and about how none of 'em really care about us.

Well, in the midst of it all, here's someone who cares,... in telling the truth! That gets us to stop, notice and think. Ends up in us looking at Hyundai a little differently. That's 'cos Hyundai Automotive is behind this brilliant campaign, ThinkAboutIt.

Watch the commercials here.


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