The most effective Ads on Indian Television

JuxtConsult's Ad box office Survey results -

10 most effective Ads (based on the total effectiveness of the Ad in connecting the brand with consumers)
  1. Airtel
  2. Nokia
  3. Hutch
  4. Surf Excel
  5. Pepsi
  6. HDFC Standard Life
  7. Colgate
  8. Tata Indicom
  9. Bajaj Pulsar
  10. Fair & Lovely

Top 10 Ad slogans with the most correct brand (based on how much top of the mind recalled ad slogan correctly attributing it to the right brand)

  1. Neighbour's Envy, Owners pride - Onida
  2. Just do it - Nike
  3. Fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi - Fevicol
  4. Life is good
  5. Zindegi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi - LIC
  6. Impossible is nothing - Adidas
  7. Mirchi sunnewale always khush - Radio Mirchi
  8. You and I, in this beautiful world - Hutch
  9. Hutch is now Vodafone - Vodafone
  10. Epang Opang Jhapang - Horlicks


Agnibanya said…
thanks ray for this blog,made our IR Project a little easier. could you also help me on the differences between effective and winning advertising..

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