'When it comes to regrets, my tattoo falls somewhere between a misguided hookup and the time I drove after one too many beers. For it and all my other mistakes, I’ve forgiven myself — and instead of contemplating laser removal, I choose to look at the tattoo as a reminder of who I was and who I am now. Sure, I’ll keep making mistakes, but I’m smart enough now to recognize and avoid those I may later come to regret. Why spend thousands of dollars erasing this bad decision when I could use the money to make good ones: traveling, helping a friend, buying more Marc Jacobs trousers? And as far as worrying about what people will think of me if they accidentally see my tattoo: If they don’t also see that I’m a fun and empathetic friend, a smart woman and a kind and responsible person, then f--- ’em ; the badass in me doesn’t care.'

Beth Janes on herself and her tattoo.


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