Corporate Social Irresponsibility

Being 'socially conscious' is definitely good. But when it comes at the cost of a company's internal customers, it better be called 'hypocrisy'.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the corporate buzz of the moment. With loony predictions on global warming and the impending catastrophe that could befall planet earth it makes good sense to join the CSR bandwagon. Its always good for the brand. But what's interesting is that most companies forget who their immediate, real responsibility is. Their employees and their partners. Talk about firms having a social conscience, you get to hear employee sniggers. A case in point is Ben and Jerry's. With a sizable number of disgruntled franchisees, B&Js, which once upon a time was famous for its causes like protecting the environment, fighting AIDS and battling sweatshops, should now focus on pulling them out of the red.

Charity indeed for them, must begin at home.


To me,CSR is only an ugly political move, that attempts to sweep clean all the world's filthiest garbage in the backyard and in the house, while showing to the world a fancy front porch, what with even a sparkling, swanky porsche, providing the snappy distraction..

Earlier on, I'd read on cases of the very CSR-conscious Shell and its ugly,inhumane cases in africa which it chose to wrap within a 'shell'...

its all a blooody coverup..
The light weight pros con you into completely ignore the way heavier cons..

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