Tragedy waiting to happen

The Uphaar cinema fire verdict is out. The Delhi court has found all the 12 accused guilty. Though the possible sentence that could be handed to the Ansal brothers is widely seen as lenient, the victims have found solace in the convictions handed out.

Amidst this judgement what is still depressing is that in India every service accessed by the consumer is also a tragedy waiting to happen. It could be as simple as riding on an Indian road to being at the airport to sitting in a school classroom. The list of tragedies is endless. So 'normal' for 'developing' countries. In fact I believe, that India will continue to remain a developing country till the time it can ensure that every child born has a surefire guarantee in terms of life and opportunities.

I am reminded of the McKinsey report on India which predicted that the 'Indian consumer market would be the fifth largest by the year 2025'. But it also noted that 'On a per-capita basis, India will still be a developing nation, even in 2025. It would take over a century of growth at more than 7 per cent per year for India's per capita consumption levels to catch up with the United States (if the US market continued to grow at 2.5 per cent per year).'


They saying developing nation by2025???

yeh kya hua... kaise hua??
(pun intended- remember the ad where this jingle serves as the musical score?)

i WISH PEOPLE USED protection and limited our burgeoning population explosion. One huge way of enhancing development in any form.

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