What makes customers comfortable

Seth Godin makes an interesting observation about how the 'Black Friday' ritual is one that most customers like. That is, the jostling and pushing gets them to feel 'special'...its part of the feeling that they have 'earned' the discount.

What's even more interesting to note is that this would be in marked contrast to shopping in India, even for discounts. In fact what makes this 'jostling' experience fun or otherwise is its frequency of occurrence. Its a question of aplenty vs. scarcity. Getting pushed or jostled is quite commonplace in India. If you don't believe me, try boarding a public transport bus. You will know what I mean. In a scenario where the 'Black Friday ritual' is common place, the exact opposite is what would make customers comfortable. That is, sure, maybe the masses in India jostle and push to get that bargain, get that vacant seat on a bus, but there's no enjoyment in the act. Its forced. If instead they had a chance at 'polite experiences', they would no doubt welcome it, whole heartedly.


I dun think so.. cum 2 pondy bazaar in chennai.

I believe there are droves of peopel who really luvvvvvvvvvvv this 'push n pull' experience.. In fact, many of them feel tat it is indeed this extreme crowded situation that even helps them get those mass discounts..More that tat, i know that 90% of the crowd at pondy bazaar go there jus to enjoy the jostling experience while thy shop- REALLY MAKES THEM feel tat THEY HAVE SHOPPED.

In other words, shopping at these places is not jus abt all the resplendent buying n discounts, but majorly abou the experience of the highly crowded ambience; you cud call this crowded experience a crowd puller by itself....

n t-nagar alone rakes in crores every day- pothys, nalli, saravana stores, jeyachandra... the list is endless. The land of clothes, jewellery and PEOPLE....

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