Are patriots ethnocentric?

Manasa raises an interesting point that demonstrates a paradox. 'Patriotic' Indians who go ga-ga over a movie like Rang de Basanthi shying away from buying an brand that has an 'India association' to it, as it does match up to the 'esteem appeal' they seek after. And as mentioned before, this is to due the brand's 'indian-ness'.

Brings us to exploring an interesting phenomenon. One termed, ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the feeling that one's group has a mode of living, values, and patterns of adaptation that are superior to those of other groups. It is coupled with a generalized contempt for members of other groups. Ethnocentrism may manifest itself in attitudes of superiority or sometimes hostility. Violence, discrimination, proselytizing, and verbal aggressiveness are other means whereby ethnocentrism may be expressed.

Now, to the question. Are patriots ethnocentric?

The answer? Depends; on the 'nature' of their patriotic beliefs. The dogmas that grip a citizen certainly can dictate the way he responds to brands when he considers a purchase. The 'pseudo-patriot' is the one who exhibits characteristics described earlier, the ones Manasa mentioned. The true patriot is the one who looks more inwards for betterment and so has no time for biased beliefs. The 'dogmatic patriot' is the one vehemently opposed to 'foreign' influences as propagated by MNC brands. For him a 'foreign brand' is a no-no.


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