Do consumers believe marketers?

Both Frito Lays and IFFKO-TOKIO understand a fundamental truth about consumers that comes across strongly in their respective commercial campaigns running on Indian TV channels. That is, consumers couldn't care less about what any one's selling. All they care, is about themselves and their needs/problems.

Frito Lays says that its chips are 40% less saturated fats. Now that makes sense if you are health conscious/worried about your calorie intake. IFFKO-TOKIO says they are the only ones that will settle your insurance claims, without hassling you. Makes sense if you intend to join in an insurance scheme.

But a note of caution. Do consumers believe a marketeer when he says that he is concerned about your health, especially when he sells you potato chips? Do they believe an Insurance company when it says it will 'settle' without any hassles? Especially when the last thing it would want to do is give the Insurance holder any money.


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