'Flesh eating Madrasis'

Some 80 per cent of South Indians are non-vegetarian, as opposed to 44 per cent of North Indians, according to the Indian Food Intake Survey 2007, carried out by Protein Foods and Nutrition Development Association of India and market research agency Pathfinders: India.

The per capita consumption of chicken in South India is almost twice the national average. Chicken sales in Chennai and Bangalore have seen a cent per cent increase in the last year, as opposed to 10-15 per cent in the North.

Tamil Nadu is now second in the country in egg production and fourth in broiler chicken production. Egg consumption, in fact, has increased sharply. The state's mid-day meal scheme, covering 9 million children, offers each child three eggs a day. The Indian Vegetarian Congress (IVC) has objected, saying sathu mavu (mixed cereals) laddu and fruits are cheaper and more nutritious than eggs.

Fish-eating is also increasing among former vegetarians in Tamil Nadu. Fish is available in plenty, given the state's 1,000-km-long coastline, and an annual catch of 3.70 metric tonnes.

Outlook report busts myths on vegetarianism in South India. Read the complete story here.


skh.pcola said…
I can't access the original article, but "3.70 metric tonnes" is obviously incorrect, since that is ~8000 pounds. Now you have me curious as to whether the catch is thousands or millions of tonnes.

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