Is big really big?

When CNN-IBN hosts a programme on Gujarat elections titled, 'The Big Gujarat Debate', I am keen to see what's 'big' about it. Turns, out nothing, except for the decibel levels that the participants touch, while mouthing their views. Ditto for programs like the one hosted by NDTV, titled, 'Big Fight'.

I guess the word 'big' is aimed at getting the viewer's eyeballs by promising them something out of the ordinary, something that holds proportions greater than what we see in ordinary lives.

Are such promises met? In most cases, no. Now that's something marketeers ought to worry about. Using 'adjectives' in a communication copy does get you the eyeballs. But the 'adjectives' must be delivered upon. Else the receiver begins to doubt, and the next time around may not even respond.

I guess its time to title the shows, 'The High Decibel Gujarat Debate' and ' The High Decibel Fight'.


Sandy said…
You hit the nail on the head chief!
i think in the first place the lesser these channels air things about people like Modi, the better.But then everyone is out there waiting for viewership increase and ratings! its a total turn off.
i must also add,initially when Barkha Dutt started hosting the show "We the people", I really thought and hoped that this would not just be a forum wherein people could air their views, but also a stepping stone from where changes would happen.However it seems to be just another idea promoted by those marketing NDTV to attract eyeballs.
On another note it was appalling to see that most channels did not pay much attention nor show anything related to the Tehelka sting story,wherein those insane religious freaks exposed themselves.Why??if anything,it should be news items like these that they should give prime time to,rather than the "Big Gujarat Debate". Only then can they rightfully claim to be responsible journalism.

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