Why 'Before-sales service' is more important than 'After-sales'

Of all the times I can remember buying shoes for myself, there isn't a single instance where the store salesman asked me about my work/play lifestyle. No questions about, what the shoe is for, where do I intend to use it, do I have an active exercise schedule, is it for walking or jogging, do I intend to ever wear sneakers to work, what kind of flooring do I have at home or the office...and so on.

In fact, the purchase scenarios I remember, all had salesmen waiting for me to ask for a particular pair of shoes and in some cases a few pairs were suggested to me. What's funny is, most of my 'other purchase scenarios' too have resulted in similar experiences.

Now those are opportunities lost for a sale. Without being too intrusive, sellers must gauge from their buyers, what need/problem they intend to fulfill/solve through a purchase. They must then demonstrate why the brands they sell can be for the buyer, the fulfillment/solution they seek. In most cases this can guarantee a sale. But then, the seller is so lost in his own product/brand, he fails to realise that its never about what he sells, its always about what need/problem the buyer wants to fulfill/solve.

This 'before-sales service' is what can ultimately lead to an 'after-sales service' requirement as the sale would have been made. That's why a marketer must associate high priority to before-sales service.


Hi Sir,

I read your "before-sales-service" blog and i personally feel that "after-sales-service" still is important because as the example you cited most of us are aware of the purchases we want to make, what brand of shoe we looking for, for wht use we are specificlly looking for a shoe ie. formal, casual and so on ? N if we are not satisfied on the above said parameters we do always have the right to leave the store and move on. But after sales service is something which helps us to gauge their customer service and thus helps us to become loyal to that particular store.

This is just my response and my rational thought without any other intentions. I hope you will not take this personally.

Ray Titus said…
Actually the post wasn't meant to force a toss-up between the two...Anyway, no offence taken.
In fact I quite agree...
Unknown said…
Thank you for your all explanation.

According my experience both before sales and after sales are moments of truth in wich our customers make their preception of our company. the moments like point of purchase, Open the box, first time using our products and first time asking for service.
these are all important since they mare making strong image in customers minds.
neetib said…
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neetib said…
This is such a great resource that you are providing.Some things in here I have not thought about before.
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