The first time's the best time

The first time's the best time for any brand. That's because recognition and recall levels are at their peak assuming the marketing communication campaign is managed right.

The best time for Tata Motors has been 'launch time'. I remember the incredible buzz and curiosity generated when the Indica was to be launched. The same buzz will now reach a crescendo when the 1 lakh car gets unveiled during the January Auto expo.

Remember the first time Shah Rukh Khan hammed his way into a Kkkk..Kiran anti-hero role. Months later people wished he talked 'normal' in a movie. Remember the initial awe for the 'Matrixian' special effects. Soon people wanted heroes to stand up straight and not bend at impossible angles to miss whizzing bullets.

The more, what generated a buzz is copied, the quicker it dies down. The idea is to move in quickly and capture as many eyeballs as possible, the first time around. A 'second chance' will be rare to come by.


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