Tata Nano and its targeted market segments

Tata Motors has truly scored with the Nano. What's brilliant about the release is the consumer segments it can appeal to. Unlike what the honchos of other car companies in India think, Tata Nano will cut across and appeal to a cross section of consumer segments in India.

Take the Great Indian Middle class, for instance; further divided into Upper, Middle and the Lower middle class.

For the lower middle class, the Nano will be their first car.
For the middle-middle class, it will their second car, wheels they can take to the local market.
For the Upper-middle class, Nano will possibly be the third in their garage, for their 'baba-log' to ride around.

Now that's a first, not just in India, but around the world, a first for a product to appeal across market segments.


mvs1305 said…
I believe the Nano is a great thing for society as a whole as well, but for a car such as the Nano to affect us all it must pass countries like the U.S.'s safety traveling guide lines. In able for this car to participate in American markets, it will have to basically keep up with an 18 wheeler/semi, which is inseemingly impossible. Also, I believe that this product may also just add on to exhisting polution problems, though one Nano may not have much affect but several thousand Nanos will. While I do enjoy the thought of this product being successful, I would have much rather enjoyed a product that used a RENEWABLE natural resource in a product such as a Nano car. It seems as though we are trying to adapt with and deplete an unrenewable resource when in fact we should be trying to migrate our inovations even FURTHER and produce a dependable product that depends on renewable natural resources. Possibly Hydrogen?

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