Timing is everything

Bajaj Auto unveiling their 'small car' 48 hours before the Tata 1 lakh car is great timing. With buyers and the media tuned into the 1 lakh car, it was smart on Bajaj Auto's part to pitch in, resulting in wide media coverage and buyer curiosity. In fact the 'small car' has made it onto the cover page of almost all newspapers in India. Again, almost all broadcast media channels too have covered Bajaj's small car.

Now that most News Networks are reporting a Hilary Clinton victory, its fair to ask whether her 'welling up moment', timed a day before polling in New Hampshire, swung voters her way? Though there may not be a conclusive answer to that, it must be admitted that this 'moment' could have swung both ways. Either voters construing it as 'weakness' or as her being 'humane'. The latter seems to have happened.

Marketers, Candidates, remember, timing is everything!


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