What I want from my Bank

'I want a bank that will let me interact with it seamlessly by telephone, by ATM, from my hand held Palm Pilot, and over the Internet. I want to be able to get cash anywhere in world anytime of the day. I want to see all my account information consolidated in a single electronic up-to-the-minute statement. I want to be able to look at my bills electronically, question a line item if necessary, and authorise and schedule their payments. Then I want the resulting expenses organised according to categories I specify, totaled by month, and compared against my original budget. I'd like to be able to see the current value of all my investments. And I want to be able to easily transfer money among my accounts, my investments, and any other banks or investment firms with which I may have dealings.'

- Patricia Seybold, 'Customers.com; How to create a profitable Business strategy for the Internet and beyond'


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