Compare to secure consumer conviction, but beware!

GM's latest advertising strategy is take its rivals head on by 'daring' customers to try a side-by-side test drive of the Pontaic G8 to the BMW 5 series.

The move has its up and downsides. The tactic of comparative advertising is what may clinch consumer conviction as he traverses down the various 'readiness' stages. The conviction garnered through such comparisons may then lead to a purchase. But there's a downside too. As Dr. Madhukar Angur explains, what may seem as a bold move also has the potential to backfire. The move may end up selling more of your competitor's brand of cars, should customers find it a better brand, post comparison (read, test drive). Then what may have seemed initially as a bold strategy would now turn into a disaster for your brand. That too, of your own making.

Brands therefore must be doubly sure they score over competing brands before embarking on a 'comparison campaign'. Else, a non-comparative communique would have been better, in securing consumer convictions.

Watch the clip on GM's bold advertising move here.


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