Amidst closure, Starbucks is 'Alive & Kicking'

The only power in the world that can sound the death knell for a brand is the consumer. And the only way he can and must be able to do that is by not buying what the brand has to offer.

Most brands that fall by the wayside are not noticed. Sure there may be a few mourners lamenting, but the larger consumer population never even bothers. The mourners on their part lament, as they connect with the brand in question on an emotional plane. For them its no longer a trade that they engage in with the brand, they take it to level where they get psychologically involved. The need here transcends functional boundaries to move into an emotional zone.

That's exactly what's happening with Starbucks at the moment. The 'Save our Starbucks' campaign has been initiated by consumers for whom Starbucks is more than just a cup of Frappuccino. Sample Kate Walker, a facilities manager for software company SunGard Financial Systems who recently learned of a store closing in New York City; "Now that it's (Starbucks) going away, we're devastated".

In the end, the Starbucks will have to close down stores that have opened too early, in the midst of sparsely populated areas. Even as this happens, it can take heart that the Starbucks brand in midst of the closure is 'alive and kicking'!


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