The brand in a child's world

Children, and so as to not generalise may I say urban children, are more indoors today in India than outdoors. And so yes, as PV Narayanamoorthy states, avenues that give life to a child's curiosity, his desire for role play, his imagination, fantasy and his patterns of involvement have definitely changed. The child's exposure to the 'virtual world' is today more acute than his exposure to the 'real' one.

For marketers to engage with such children requires them to enter into this world of theirs. PVN is right when he states, 'A fundamental truth of targeting the kid market is the need to keep them engaged. Children have more intense, but shorter attention spans. To keep them involved with brands can be a challenging task. Many brands today use children as a hook. The principle is to hook the child first, then use the child to influence the parent.'

The specific case that he quotes shows how this was done. The brand in question tapped into two emerging trends among children, the rise of user-generated online content and the rising popularity of cartoons. The results have been stupendous for the brand. Read more about the same here.



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