The Celebrity Lifecycle

I guess celebrities too have life cycles that end in decline. Some are smart enough to beat the downward curve by reinventing themselves (whatever that means) or by hopping on to newer bandwagons. I am talking endorsements.

I guess Preity Zinta is on her way out. Rightly so, I should say. That 'cos I guess, her bubbly act of yesteryear if tried now, would only have viewers wish there was a power failure. So now we know she is making way for next giggly thing in the pipeline. They say she's Genelia. The South Indian star who made waves with her performance in Aamir Khan’s Jaane Tu...., is commanding an endorsement fee of at least Rs 1 crore. According to Globosport CEO Anirban Blah, 'With Genelia, she’s the new, spunky, fresh face, and we are targeting every brand that Preity Zinta endorses'.



Unknown said…
While 'yawn' sums it up, i have another observation. Does dumping Preity have anything to do with her owning the Kings XI team? Does this mean people donot consider working women bubbly with life? Or does this have anything to do with the manly act of testifying?
Change is the only constant in life, and so is it in the celebrities lives. Genelia is a new face now in Bollywood but has been in Tollywood for a long time and forgotten. With the opportunities and the number of aspiring movie actor/actresses, Genelia too will be forgotten soon.

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