Chinese online swells

Overtaking the US, China's Internet-users population has reached 253 million by the end of June, reflecting the explosive growth in the web-user market in the country, data showed.

Latest government figures also showed that China also had the largest number of broadband subscribers at 214 million, more than 80 per cent of the total domestic Internet population.

The number of Internet users at 253 million marked a 56.2 per cent rise from 162 million reported in 2007, the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), a semi-official organisation, said in a report.


Rahul said…
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Rahul said…
Hello Sir,

China got a village like Pudong transformed into a Chinese version of Manhattan. No wonder the are doing magic with the internet.

It is promising to see the rising numbers for china's online penetration, but i still wonder what the freedom really accounts to when the chinese government is blocking several websites including youtube to censor international coverage of the violence that is unfolding in Lhasa.
Unknown said…

The olympics could be a strong reason for this. Many people are learning English and are gearing up for the event.

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