Does it matter if Sachin shifts brand endorsements?

When Soumya says, 'it would be stupid on part of Sachin to shift over (endorse) to a competitor's brand as it will only hamper his credibility', I wonder if it really would?

The two fallouts of such a move, if made by Sachin are, one, its impact on his own equity and two the impact on the two brands in questions, the earlier one and the one he has moved to. About his own credibility I wonder how it matters to the consumer, unless his move makes him look like a 'gold digger'. From whatever he has done in the past, he has conducted himself with utmost dignity endearing him to the masses, so it will take more than a 'shift' to have his image taking a beating.

About the two brands in question, if they are brands that have consumers being highly involved in their purchases, I doubt if Sachin would make any difference to their sale. On the other hand, if the brands are low involvement ones, Sachin may just make that little difference in terms of which brand is preferred.


Soumya said…
Well Im just wondering the same thing..If Sachin shifts from say Pepsi to Coca cola doesn't his image change to one of a gold digger and if it does aint that bad for him. Also if I as a consumer sees the endoser changing parties every now and then, would I really buy into the concept the Ad sells ?
Well, of course Im only talking about low involvement products here.
I say this because I distinctly remember how Sachin had been so strongly associated with Airtel for many years and when he shifted over to Reliance, it kind of left a bitter taste in my mind.Also soon enough the Ad was also removed.
Also would it really help the company(say Coca cola) if it took sachin now ??
Soumya said…
Also consider this, the moment I see the ad of Aamir Khan about a watch I automatically know or guess its Titan.
In the same way if not to the same extend, the association of Sachin and Pepsi is also quite strong.
so what good would it do to the company who takes him as the endorser(in the same category and also in case of low involvement products alone) ?
Unknown said…
Brand associations are difficult to break but not impossible.

I feel Sachin would be able to bring in more customers to the brand that when its without him. The reason is that the beverages as a product is a low involvement product and people dont ask for a brand and dont stop consuming other brand just because someone endorses it or has ceased to do so. But if I am selecting a 1.5 litre bottle I would love to have Sachin's pic on it. Let me be clear here I am no fanatic fan of Sachin. And if this association is strong, recent and appealing to wat was with Pepsi this would stay long.

One of the reasons sachin has been around for a long time is in his ability to push himself beyond what is his limit, in his ability to readjust, realign and refocus. It is something incredible, and hence I am just waiting to see someone capitalize on his brand.

Just imagine Sachin dressed in red on a Coke bottle, or in Orange for Tropicana, or even a new Sachin flavor!

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