Kaun khayega Kellogg's?

The lesson to be learnt to tap Indian mass markets is the lesson of localisation. The exact opposite is what cuts ice when the target is the snobbishly rich niche. Localise at your peril. In fact localised products in all probability may even be shunned. The rich niche would have nothing of it.

Kellogg's is now playing the mass game to script in India, after its initial travails in the Indian urban mass market space. Kellogg India's experiments with localisation are now paying off, with localised variants such as mango and honey and the low-priced KPak bringing in volumes. The Indian subsidiary is now among the fastest growing markets for the $12-billion US-based Kellogg's though its contribution to the company’s global sales remains marginal.

Forthcoming expansion plans would include identifying gaps in healthy food consumption and segmenting the ready-to-eat cereal category, a recent example being that of Special K, a weight management cereal aimed at women and also Kellogg’s biggest brand globally.


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